Bones, Blood, and Blades

The Twisting Halls Part II

After their last encounter with the goblins, the young heroes walked into another room in the dungeon and were met by an angry bugbear named Kurrash. Weilding his deadly axe, Kurrash slashed through the surprised warriors, dealing heavy damage to everyone in the party. The heroes fought back valiantly, and when Kurrash saw that he was beginning to loose the fight, tipped over a giant brazzer, burning everyone in its wake.

With all his comrads fallen, Aelar sent a final blast of arcanic energy toward the bugbear. The air crackled with electricity as the hairy goblin fell to the ground. He quickly roused his friends and tended to their wounds. They searched the crates in the goblin storage room and found enough water to replenish their stores, and several coils of rope.

With great trepidation they opened another door and were relieved to find an empty hallway. As they neared the end of the hallway, they walked into the next room and were just as surprised as the guards in front of them. The soldiers quickly went to work on the intruders. The heroes fought like ravenous wolves for their meal, crossing swords, dodging arrows and running about the small room devoted to the minotaur god, Baphomet. An aura of evil pulsated from a nearby altar threatening anyone that got too close. The heroes battled among the statues of the gods.

While Aelar, Jett, and Kava fought three of the soldiers, Ulvein found himself staring at… himself. A doppleganger took on his appearance, but seeing how well the company was faring against the soldiers, it attacked along with them and helped slay the final guard. With hands in the air, ready to surrender, the Doppleganger revealed herself. Jixin plead with the group to spare her life. She gave them healing potions and warned them of Malareth’s plans to raise the dead and that he used to have dealings with a dwarf named Traevus. The heroes took the potions and let Jixin leave. They looked at the door in the back hallway of the room. If Jixin was telling the truth, their greatest battle lay just beyond that door.

The Twisting Halls
The birth of adventure

While traveling to Fallcrest, a group of warriors (Aelar the half-elf wizard, Kava the paladin dragonborn, Jett the genasi swordmage, Raven a revenant assassin and Rangrim the dwarf cleric) and a dwarf merchant, Traevus, was attacked by goblins and wolves. They fought off the goblins, but a box was taken from Traevus’s wagon. He asked the warriors to get it back for him and offered to pay a reward of 30 gold pieces if they should succeed. Following the battle, the traveling party also saw a rider in red atop a nearby hill. When the goblins began to flee, he shook his fist in the air and rode off toward the Moon Hills. The goblins followed after. 

The heroes accepted the dwarfs quest and chose to track the rider. They noticed that the goblins followed him into a series of caves. At the cave opening they fought and overcame a small contingent of goblins and saw two doors leading into an ancient minotaur temple. Once inside they encountered more goblins, including a hex hurler, and a guard drake. The heroes defeated the threats, but suffered severe damage, nearly losing members of their young company. Following the battle, they discovered wells of water that restored health, and a sack of 300 pieces of silver hidden in a nearby chamber. 

In the next room they encountered a massive dire rat. Raven provoked the rat by spitting on it. The rat’s fleas sensed a new host and jumped into his hair. While Raven rolled on the floor, spitting into his own hair, the rest of the group fought and killed the dire rat. They faced two more doors and chose the left. In that room stood another,albeit surprised goblin. He was quickly overcome, but Kava succumbed to a trap in the floor and fell into a spiked pit. Aelar opened the door on the right and encountered three more goblins who immediately attacked, having heard Raven rolling on the floor previously. After defeating the gobilins, Jett triggered and fell into a second spiked pit while Aelar read an inscription on the back of a minotaur statue. The inscription spoke of something terrible uncovered by a dwarf and mentioned a woman by the name of Morgana.

Once they were safely past the floor traps, the group entered the next room where an icy wind blasted them and they came face to face with a white dragon. The dragon spoke to the surprised party and revealed the name of the rider: Malareth. He also revealed that Malareth was in league with the goblins and that he had tried to buy the allegience of the dragon, but the dragon knew he was not sincere. The adventurers successfully bargained with the dragon and promised to kill Malareth for him, and give him gold in exchange for their lives. The dragon then directed them toward a door on the right. 

They entered the room and found another goblin and began fighting him, when Raven opened the door and accidentally alerted two more goblins. The party flanked both of the goblins, surrounding them, and was able to quickly dispatch them. As they began to explore the crates and boxes in the second room, they heard a ferocious roar nearby and knew something or someone very big, and very angry was on its way.


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