Traevus is a dwarf merchant, and the first NPC the group met on their campaign.


Traevus is a middle aged dwarf merchant. He was traveling along the King’s Road toward Fallcrest when he and the others in the company were besieged by a horde of goblins and wolves. After an intense battle, Traevus discovered the goblins had stolen a locked box from him. He enlisted the help of the Young Nerds to help him recover it, offering to pay 30 gold pieces in return for their help.


Born in Hammerfast at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains, Traevus led a simple life, following the trade of his father and expanding their business to include towns and cities all throughout the Nentir Vale. He has friends with whom he stays in both Fallcrest and the Harkenwold, but often likes to camp off the road while he is traveling.
Traevus makes little money but enjoys his simple life. His father recently passed away, and he finds it hard to go back to Hammerfast with the pain so near. Instead he travels the Vale, selling his wares and trading with travelers who have acquired unusual odds and ends.


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